PLP GRANULAR FORMULA:  This Natural Granular Repellent is the same liquid natural formula in a granular version.  It is designed for outdoor use only. Packaged in a bottle with a shaker top, simply sprinkle our granular. You don't have to use  a lot,  just lightly sprinkle it in small even rows, not  just a border but throughout the desired  area to be occupied.  Within minutes you will see results!

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Our MOSQUITO and NO-SEE-UMS Repellent
Our Granular Product

Treat Naturally - with PLP!


 A PORTABLE NATURAL REPELLENT BARRIER: packaged in a convenient to-go bottle. Enjoy the outdoors again! Take a bottle on your next outting such as:

  • Campsites
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Decks & Porches
  • Around RV & Mobile Homes
  • Patio and Pool areas
  • Outdoor weddings
Take a shaker bottle of our granular on your next outdoor event and sprinkle in and around the desired areas. Our granular pest repellent will cover 600 to 1000
square feet for up to two weeks. 
  • Picnic areas
  • Fishing areas
  • Barbeques
  • Playgrounds
  • Beach areas
  • Any outdoor event!