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This photo was taken two weeks after the initial spray. The infestation is gone and the plant is growing healthy green leaves.

The Crinum Lily has a Red Spidermite infestation causing the yellowing in the plant leaf. . 

The Pigeon Plum tree has extensive weevils damage and was treated with Pest Free Zone Liquid Formula and tank mixed with liquid fertilizer. The close up of the Pigeon Plum tree in the above photo clearly shows the weevil damage.​



Only the Pigeon Plum tree to the far right was treated. This photo was taken almost two months after treatment showing amazing results. The close up of a cutting from the same Pigeon Plum tree in the above photo showing new, healthy growth.



BEFORE PHOTOS:  Gray leaf spot disease and sod webworm damage on newly installed St. Augustine grass.

AFTER PHOTOS: Lawn treated and controlled with PLP PEST FREE LIQUID FORMULA and photos were taken three weeks later. Lawn was sprayed with a 2 ½% dilution rate (2.5 gallons of concentrate per 100 gallons of water). Note healthy new leaves emerging.


BEFORE PHOTOS:  show adult grubworm damage on St. Augustine grass. Note the yellow discoloration in patchy areas. The close up photo shows the severed roots of the grass from grubworm feeding. 

AFTER PHOTOS: Photos were taken seven weeks later with the camera bag placed where the patch of severed grass was.
Grubworms were treated and controlled with PLP Pest Free Zone Liquid Formula. Soil was saturated with a 2 ½% dilution rate (2.5 gallons of concentrate per 100 gallons of water). Note the severed roots are now reattached and taking up water and nutrients, thus greening and thickening up the lawn.

Amazing Photos that Tell the Story!

Before and After Photographs